Top of the Line - Design Your Own

Design Your Own, Top of the Line Bench

Your design will be 100% made in the USA and will become a cherished piece of furniture.   Doing so is easy.  Just follow 4 simple steps.


Finish Options Ebony, High Gloss Ebony, Dark Walnut, Dark Mahogany, Medium Mahogany, Steinway Mahogany, Brown Mahogany, Medium Walnut, Steinway Walnut, Dark Oak, Light Oak, White
Upholstery Material Black Vinyl, Brown Vinyl, Black Leather, Brown Leather, Ivy (#1), White (#2), Ebony (#3), Mineral (#5), Chamois (#6), Pearl (#9), Chestnut (#10), Blue Jay (#11), Steel (#15), Merlot (#16), Mink (#17)
Top Options 7000 Series/3-Ply Top, 5-Ply Top, 8000 Series/Standard Wrap, 9000 Series/Box Top, Hand-Tufted Top

Step #1:  Choose a Bench Top

3 ply top, 5-ply top, standard vinyl wrapped top, box top, hand-tufted top

 Step #2:  Choose a Leg Option

 Step #3:  Choose a Wood Color

 Step #4:  Choose a Bench Fabric

This selection represents our top-of-the line Designer Fabrics. 

You can also provide a fabric of your choosing to match the decor of your home in any of the tops available (tufted, standard or box top).

Standard Material Options

Black and Brown Leather is available for standard wrapped and tuffed tops. 

*Leather not available on box top benches.