Grand Piano String Covers

Our string covers are available in burgundy felt material and include covered dowels for placement and support. 

Call us with your model number.  If needed, you can also mail us a template of the grand's top size using the below chart.

Cover Size Chart


Mackintosh Quilted Vinyl
Grand Pianos     
 4' 6" - 4' 8" PC102  QM102 M102 Q102 V102

 4' 10" - 5' 2"

PC104  QM104 M104 Q104 V104
 5' 3" - 5' 6" PC106  QM106


 Q106 V106
5' 7" - 5' 9" PC108  QM108 M108 Q108 V108
 5' 10" - 6' 0" PC110  QM110  M110  Q110 V110
 6' 1" - 6' 4" PC112  QM112  M112  Q112 V112
6' 5" - 6' 9" PC114  QM114 M114 Q114 V114
6' 10" - 7' PC116  QM116 M116 Q116 V116
7' 4" - 7' 6" PC118  QM118 M118 Q118 V118
9' - 9' 1" PC120  QM120 M120 Q120 V120
 Uprights Verticals up to 59"W 26"D - Closed Back
 34" high PC202  QM202 M202  Q202 V202
39" high PC204  QM204 M204 Q204 V204
44" high PC206  QM206 M206 Q206 V206
48" high PC208  QM208 M208 Q208 V208
52" high PC210  QM210 M210 Q210 V210
56" high PC212  QM212 M212 Q212 V212
58" high PC214  QM214 M214 Q214 V214
 Spinet Organ
 59"W x 26"D x 34"H PC302  QM302 M302 Q302 V302
 39"W x 23"D x 34"H PC304  QM304  M304  Q304  V304
 45"W x 26"D x 38"H PC306  QM306  M306  Q306  V306
 48"W x 25"D x 35"H PC308  QM308  M308  Q308  V308
42"W x 25"D x 33"H small PC402  QM402 M402 Q402 V402
49"W x 27"D x 34"H medium PC402  QM404 M404 Q404 V404
49"W x 29"D x 39"H medium PC406  QM406 M406 Q406 V406
50"W x 30"D x 49"H medium PC408  QM408 M408 Q408 V408
52"W x 32"D x 38"H medium PC410  QM410 M410 Q410 V410
63"W x 33"D x 49"H medium PC412  QM412 M412 Q412 V412