Cleaners & Polishers

Cleaners and polishes for your music pianos, benches and cabinets.  Included are kits, individual bottles, cleaning and buffer cloths.

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Satin Sheen

Satin Sheen helps maintain satin finishes easily. Use Satin Sheen to remove fingerprints, smudges and grime. Works on poly as well as lacquer finishes. Use regularly to reduce static and protect against fingerprints and oils. For best results, spray on cloth then apply to finish, rubbing in direction of grain evenly.

Super High-Gloss Piano Polish

If you have a high gloss piano finish, our Cory Super High-Gloss Piano Polish is simply the easiest and safest polish to use! It is specially formulated to clean and protect high-gloss polyester, polyurethane, and lacquer finishes in one easy step. Use Super High-Gloss Polish as often as desired to eliminate fingerprints, smudging and static that attracts dust. Special UV Shield protection helps prevent fading and surface deterioration. Designed for use with our Cory Polisher Cloth product #PC-1.

Ultimate Care Kit

This complete maintenance system contains 4 oz. Key-Brite Key Cleaner to safely clean and protect your ivory, ebony and plastic keys; a 4 oz. bottle of your specific finish polish; machine washable Cleaner and Polisher cloths. Everything you need to keep your piano exterior looking like new! The Ultimate Care Kit makes the perfect gift for piano teachers and piano enthusiasts!

Choose the proper polish for your piano's finish.


All-Brite is a moisture enriching formula designed to polish and condition all fine wood surfaces. Use All-Brite on all satin, lacquer, shellac, and open pore woods. The polish helps keep wood from drying and cracking while it adds a beautiful luster to the finish. Simply spray on and wipe into finish.

Key-Brite Key Cleaner

Key-Brite cleans, brightens, and preserves all plastic, ivory, ivorite, and wood instrument keys. Simple to use. Just spray six to eight inches from key surface and wipe clean the full length of the key. Its completely safe on all surfaces leaving a great "feel" and beautiful sheen to the keys. Key-Brite easily dissolves the wax build-up on sharps. Designed for use with Cory Cleaner Cloth our product #CC-1.

Satin Rub

This is what the pro's use to hand rub satin finishes. Satin-Rub concentrate eliminates the use of rubbing oils and solvents. Excellent for preparation of furniture before waxing and polishing. Great for removing packing marks, soiling, and fingerprints. Use with 000 or 0000 steel wool or 400-600 wet sand paper. Use Satin-Rub on lacquer as well as poly finishes to bring the showroom look back to any fine satin finish.

Buff Brite - 4 oz

Buff-Brite is a high tech, water base buffing compound that gently removes scratches and cleans high performance finishes. Especially formulated to clean and buff polyurethane, lacquer, brass, nickel, silver, etc. Buff-Brite works easily on guitars, drums, cymbals, band instruments, high gloss and satin ebony pianos, synthesizers, instrument hardware, and tarnished name decals. Buff-Brite cleans without leaving a greasy film. Excellent for deep cleaning fingerprint oils from poly and lacquer satin ebony finishes. Always use care products in a small inconspicious area to test desired results.

Dust 'n' Buff Duster

This genuine sheepskin mitt is a super duster! Made from lambswool. Excellent for use on pianos, guitars, instruments and computer monitors. Use one side to dust then flip over to polish with our special fleece material.