President / Owner

May 1988-Present
Purchased Manual Arts Furniture Company (MAFCO) in 1988 and renamed it GRK Manufacturing. Since this time Gary has used his extensive background in manufacturing to expand the scope of the business to more than just music and continues to grow it today.

A Personal Note from Gary:

Thanks to all of our loyal dealers and customers for their belief in and utilization of our products. We at the GRK family have a strong commitment to providing you quality products with quality service. Like most small manufacturers in the United States, we struggle with the globalization of the making of our products. We strive to make every product we can at our US plant with only the best American craftsmanship. When the economics dictate, we utilize our international partners.

Your feedback is cherished by each of us. If we do well, please tell us about it. If we have not lived up to reputation, we'd like to hear about that too. 2015 marks our 100 year anniversary, and we plan for many more.

Gary Kilday

Gary video screencapture